Rhubarb – Not just a plant!

The 4th edition from 2022.

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Title: the Feeding
Author: Salar Eshratkhah
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Description: first name: Salar surname: Eshratkhah Date of birth: 1986-07-12 tel: +98914 402 0930 Address: 1st floor,20nd block,Fajr residential complex,Sahand quarter,Elgoli Ave,51686-14311 p.o box, Tabriz, Iran Email: eshratkhah.salar@gmail.com instagram: https://instagram.com/_u/salar.eshratkhah Biography: I am salar Eshratkhah.I was born in 1986 .I was graduated from the veterinary laboratory of the Islamic Azad University of Shabistar.I have started drawing cartoons since 1995 and I have been participating in several national and international competitions and festivals wich were chosen to win titles and awards; furthermore, I have been teaching Several cartoon manipulation classes in Tabriz Animation Union and other Art schools, too. I participated as judge on various international and national cartoon competitions such as "Javan-e-Irany". In the animation field, I have cooperated in some movie projects such as “Raz-e-Parvaneh ha” (Secret of butterflies), and other movie projects which were produced by Tabriz production centre. TV broadcasting companies such as “Dehghan-e-Fadakar”(Valorous farmer) and “Noor”(Light). Also, I have cooperated as an animator and assistant for character designing for the movie projects such as “Mojassameye Tafakkor”(Statue of Thinking),“Chips”(Snack Chips) and so on. I have also cooperated in a short movie project named “Etiyad”(addiction) over the order of Turkey TRT 4 channel. International Awards: title of"Best Illustration"in the Illustration category of Return International Art Festival – Germany 2021 Second place of comic strip world championship - Finland 2021 selected designer for the (The Hidden Colors Of The Moon) Calanca Biennale - Switzerland 2021 Pixarra International Fantasy Illustration Competition 3rd place - USA 2021 Winner of Internatiolnal Shiraz Merto Cartoon Festival - Iran 2021 special award in the "Actual" category - Semarang International Doodle Festival (Sidlefest) - Indonesia 2021 Winner of Monthly Syrian cartoon site competition (July) - Syria 2021 Winner of Monthly Syrian cartoon site competition (APRIL) - Syria 2021 3rd place of The 44th Lies championship graphics - Italy 2020 Honorary diploma from 6th International contest of caricature and graphic humor - Colombia 2020 APPRECIATION AWARDS of the 4th International Cartoon Competition BEAVERS LAUGH - 2020 CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION from Toons Mag for the Safety Cartoon Challenge - 2020 CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION from Toons Mag for the Social Distancing Cartoon Challenge - 2020 CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION from Toons Mag for the Hope Cartoon Challenge - 2020 Special acknowledgment of 14. INTERNATIONAL SALON OF CAR CARICATURES - ZAGREB 2020 illustration of Selected by the jury of the No.20 of Brightness Illustration Magazine - 2020 The commendable Artwork of the annual Stereohype Button Badge Design Competition - UK 2020 Selected cartoon of International cartoon festival MFKH 2021- Czech Republic Selected cartoon of IMAGES OF JUSTICE Second Edition University of Ottawa - Canada 2020